Reward Gift Cards

Why prepaid reward cards are popular gifts for employers?

Gift cards have overtaken merchandise rewards in the last 5 years. The reasons for this is are as follows:

  • Flexibility – recipients like to choose where and when they can spend their rewards
  • Adaptability of reward – participants can choose to use their gift card to give to someone else or pay bills
  • 52% of US businesses use gift cards as rewards for staff
  • 87% of US companies use non-cash rewards for staff
Employee Rewards

What motivates employees and how to reward them?

  •  78% of employees indicated that it was ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ important to be recognized by their managers when they do good work;
  • 73% said they expected that recognition to occur ‘immediately’ or ‘soon’ thereafter
  • Employees respond positively when recognized
  • High return on investment
  • Increases office morale
  • Changes your culture by encouraging loyalty, engagement, and enthusiasm for the job
  • Providing a flexible reward which allows participants to reward themselves with something that they want, when they want to purchase it ensures positive associations with the company.